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Silvina Favretto



  • Names: Silvina

  • Surnames: Favretto

  • Nationality: Uruguaya

  • City of Residence: Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Email:



  • Medical Doctor, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay 2003-2011 

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Course, CEPRIE, Montevideo, Uruguay 2010

  • Geriatrics and Gerontology Residency, Universidad de la República, Hospital de Clínicas, Montevideo, Uruguay 2012-2013 (three semesters passed)

  • Critical Care Residency, Universidad de la República – Hospital Pasteur, Montevideo, Uruguay 2015 to date

  • Certificate of Proficiency, University of Cambridge (2003)

  • Translation Course, Anglo Institute, Montevideo, Uruguay (2006-2007)

  • Medical English Course, Anglo Institute, Montevideo, Uruguay (2009)




  • Surgical Assistant at CAAMEPA (FEMI), Pando, Uruguay 2009-2011

  • ER and polyclinic physician at CAAMEPA (FEMI), Pando, Uruguay 2012 to date

  • Prehospital Emergency Care at 1727 Emergencias, Montevideo, Uruguay 2012 to date

  • ICU physician at CAAMEPA (FEMI), Pando, Uruguay 2016 to date


Research Projects

  • “Benefits and cardiovascular side effects of hydroxychloroquine in SLE patients”. CAIROLI, E; BRUZZONE, M; FERREIRA, J; Favretto, S. Student Research Support Program, Scientific Research Committee, 2009. Award-winning project.

  • “Delirium in a Latin American Intensive Care Unit”. Mesa P; Previgliano I; Altez S, Favretto S; Orellano E, Lecor C; Wesley E; Soca A. Best Poster Award in the ADS 7 th Annual Conference June 2017, Nashville, TN, USA.

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