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Tina Cugliari


  • Names: María de Lourdes

  • Surnames: Pereira Castillo

  • Nationality: Uruguaya

  • City of Residence: Canelones, Uruguay

  • Zip code: 91000

  • Email:



  • Elementary school (complete)

  • 4th grade High School -Biological Diversification- Approved

  • Nursing Assistant Course at D.N.S.FF.AA. (2008)

  • Aeromedicine and Medical Aero Evacuation Course (2015)


Courses and Congresses:


  • Nursing Updates: Care in Users with Parenteral Nutrition and Catheters (2014)

  • Course XIV Uruguayan Congress of Nursing in Intensive Medicine-titular member-(2015)

  • Update course for health workers (2016)

  • Continuous Training Course of Clinical Management (2017)

  • Update in Intensive Medicine Day as assistant (2017)

  • Training Course: Management of peripheral venous catheters Jelco and Jelco Plus (2017)

  • XI Uruguayan Congress of Nursing in Intensive Medicine membership (2017)

  • Co-author of “An Intensive Care Unit without Delirium”. Evaluation of the impact of an educational intervention in the 11th Uruguayan Congress of Intensive Medicine (2017)

  • 5th Intentional Medicine Conference as an assistant (2018)

  • XVI Intensive Medicine Day of the Interior. Humanization of intensive medicine. Also as an assistant (2018)



  • CAAMEPA Pando (2012)

  • Military Hospital of the Armed Forces. fulfilling functions as a nursing assistant at the Intensive Care Center (2000 - 2016)

  • Maciel Hospital, CTI and Intermediate Care Unit, winter plan (2014)

  • Hospital Pasteur; currently fulfilling functions as a nursing assistant in the Intensive Care Center, Special Care Center and Intermediate Care Center (ASSE)


Work references

  • Nurse Carmen Álvarez, Jefa de CTI en H.C.FF.AA.: (+598) 99 160 924

  • Nurse Flavia Castro, Encargada de Turno Nocturno de CTI en H.C.FF.AA.: (+598) 99 309 768

  • Nurse Tina Cugliari , sub-jefa de CTI Pasteur ; (+598) 99175977.

  • Nurse Sonia Altez , Jefa de CTI Pasteur ; (+598) 99208889.

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